It’s A Small World Painting Mugs

It’s A Small World Painting Mugs

I’m somewhat new to this blog writing thing but I do love to write, so please bear with me as I slowly find my writing mojo. You might be wondering about the title of this one ... It's A Small World Painting Mugs?! Well sit back and enjoy a sweet little story about a few decades of friendship and how the world really is a small place sometimes! 

Here follows a  'Small World' ...  'Mug Painting' story! 

When I was about 9/10 years old in Std.2 in South Africa (the equivalent of year 4 in NZ) there was the most wonderful student teacher, Sue, on placement at our school and I had the good fortune of having her in my class! Sue taught me for part of that year and became not only one of my best primary school teachers, but also became a good friend further down the track!

       Me (A VERY long time ago!) 

We kept in touch after she finished teaching me that year - and you’ve got to remember that this was like in the prehistoric times before there was internet, Facebook and messenger, not to mention before mobile phones and even texting! So when I say we ‘kept in touch’ my lovely mum would have helped to facilitate a few letters between us here and there over the years. I remember fondly that she even attended at least one of my birthday parties too which was just the coolest thing ever! She would have been in her early 20’s then and come to think of it now - what a special human being she is for having maintained contact with a little 9/10 year old who clearly adored her student teacher!

See the source image

Grahamstown - South Africa

Fast forward almost another decade and living in an entirely different part of the country in Grahamstown, South Africa and after probably a lengthy gap in contact between us, I discovered that Sue and her husband had moved to the same town as we lived in and was employed at one of the local schools. It was so exciting to reconnect after many years and now being in my late teens we reconnected as friends and enjoyed being back in touch. I even got to be one of her first visitors in hospital when she had her first child! The friendship was rekindled as adults now and already one would think this is a pretty cool small world story .... but wait there is more (and I still have to get to the mug painting part too)!

My beautiful local beach ~ living in paradise. 

Fast forward again, another few years and my family and I had emigrated from South Africa to New Zealand and settled in Auckland. I attended uni and started to get used to life living in New Zealand. Communicating from overseas wasn't exactly easy back then. I literally only got my first email address when I started uni here in Auckland 20 years ago and used to go sit in the shared IT lab at uni and email all my friends back in South Africa to stay in touch. Before the excitement of having an email address it was either faxes or snail mail! I'm starting to feel rather old the more I write about this, but I digress. SO... coming back to my lovely friend, there was another long gap of no contact between us until one day Facebook arrives in all of our lives and somewhere along the way we found each other again, but with one nice new big surprise ... she now lives in New Zealand with her husband and two adult girls! Amazing! We now live in the same country almost 30 years since we first met back in a small rural school in South Africa! 

Here comes the cool part ... Sue now teaches kids not much older than I was when she taught me all those years ago! She teaches English and Science but also takes an Art class once a week. She decided to do mug painting recently with her class. AHHH ... finally here is the the part where the 'small world' part of the story meets the 'painting mugs' part! I could never have imagined how wonderful it would feel when my friend, who taught me when I was 10 on the other side of the world, now teaches a similar age class on this side of the world, supported my new little business Kids Unlimited by buying a few sets of Life of Colour paint pens from us and then shared with her class the story of how she knew 'the lady that she bought the paint pens from'! Apparently her class absolutely LOVED the story and they decided to kindly share with me their artworks and the inspiration behind their designs. I feel so lucky to have been a tiny part of their creative adventures this term and thank them for taking the time to share these gorgeous mugs and stories with me. Thank you SO much !

Pretty tree by Amber

"Mum and Dad love tree designs, so I did this for them Dad has it at work now for his pens."

Giraffe by Hannah

"Not sure why I chose a giraffe – you either like them or not. I think they are cool."


Positive words cup by Olivia

"I made this for my friend who was going to have back surgery."

Flowers with a red cup handle by Josh 

"The handle looks like half a heart, so I painted it red. It's a cup of love for mum."

Vines by Saffron 

"I just love vines, so I tried to draw them."

Horse by Sae 

"I love horses, but I drew this one for a good friend."

Mum’s Cup with Flowers by Becky

"It’s a replacement for Mum’s favourite cup."


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