School Holiday Boredom Busters ~ Activity Books & Sets

Welcome to the second blog in our School Holiday Boredom Busters series. If you didn't manage to catch the first one that featured arts and crafts ideas and products have a read HERE . This blog features our extensive activity book and activity set range! 

We stock a wide range of activity books with many different subject themes as well as some activity sets, so if the kids are getting a little bored or having too much screen time then be sure to stock up on some of these awesome activity books and activity sets to keep the kids learning and having fun with loads of screen-free options! No excuses for being bored now! 

Please be aware that our suppliers regularly get new stock and sometimes don't restock some titles so our range is ever-changing. We always recommend that if you spot something you love then be sure to order it when you see it as we can't always guarantee that we will continue to stock the same title on an ongoing basis. When we become aware that a particular title won't be available again we may also pop the remaining stock into our CLEARANCE section on our website, so be sure to check that out regularly too for bargains!



We have a number of great maths themed activity books for a range of ages! Here are some examples. 

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Brain Teasers and Puzzle books are great fun as they include all sorts of different activities, like number and word puzzles as well as colouring or drawing. Here are a few examples:



We have a range of English Literacy activity books for different ages and abilities. These are great for keeping the kids spelling, reading and writing skills going during the holidays as well as great term time support for 'fun' homework time! Here are few examples of what we have in stock. 




Kids will often concentrate and learn more when they can focus on a particular subject they are passionate about. Ocean, Animals, Dinosaurs, Space, the Human Body are all examples of popular subjects that kids LOVE!   

Themed subject activity books are great for kids who have particular interests and allow them to really immerse themselves and enjoy and learn more about an area they are really excited by! Here are a few examples of what we have available.





We have recently started stocking some super cute colouring and other themed activity sets. They are particularly great for on-the-go activities during the holidays, to take along with you in the car or on the plane, making travel time easier, or even when out and about visiting family and friends. 







We hope this blog has given you some great ideas and inspired you to check out our range and treat the kids to some screen-free FUN!!