School Holiday Boredom Busters ~ Arts & Crafts

Summer school holidays are long. 

For most school aged kids in New Zealand it's at least 6-8 weeks long! Some parents struggle with the length of the summer holidays but I absolutely love this time of the year and also love the break from the term-time hustle and bustle. Don't get me wrong, I still have my moment where I feel like shipping them all off to the North Pole for a break, but mostly I love it and my kids love the down time too! The first few weeks usually go by in a flash! There is all the excitement of finishing another year of school and the anticipation of Christmas when you are a kid - let's face it, we pretty much loose all concept of day and time between Christmas and New Year! It's fantastic! 

Many families going away around Christmas and New Year, either camping or visiting family out of town. It's usually a fun-filled and exciting time, never short of something to do! It's beach time or boat time, family time with siblings and cousins, swimming time and lots of sun and sand. And then all of a sudden after New Year is over and mum and dad need to get back to work kids often hit that middle-of-the-school-holiday patch where they are back home again and needing some new inspiration to keep their brains inspired and busy. As hard as we try , it's often challenging for parents / caregivers to keep the kids engaged in activities that don't involve a screen or a device! 

That's why we thought it might be helpful to put together a series of school holiday boredom busters blogs showcasing some of the awesome products we stock that wont cost you the earth and are sure to keep your kids engaged, inspired as well as learning and having fun! 

First up is our arts and crafts range! For little creatives of all ages these products are sure to keep them happy! 


If you have budding little artists in your family then we have plenty of boredom busting ideas for you! Our Djeco Felt Brushes are fantastic for drawing and colouring in! They are dual-sided with a more traditional felt tip on one end and a brush on the other end which is like painting when using! We also have gorgeous Metallic Pencils and Watercolour Pencils. And for a little bit of fun how about some Tiger Tribe Magic Highlighters - who doesn't like the idea of being able to write secret messages! 




Our Honeysticks range of NZ made beeswax crayons for younger kids are the best! We have three different size options for different ages and stages. Another favourite is the Honeysticks Bath Crayons which makes bath time a whole lot of fun! 

If your kids love to get into the kitchen and bake then this is a must for them! A super cute Kuwi the Kiwi Apron and Spatula set and Kuwi's Kitchen filled will amazing easy recipes for kids of all ages to create and even comes with a free Kuwi cookie cutter! This will definitely inspire the little master chef in them! 


Another fun activity to undertake during the holidays is rock painting! We stock Life of Colour acrylic paint pens that are perfect for painting rocks! Lots of rock painters hide their creations in local parks for others to find and rehide. If you search on Facebook and Instagram you can find plenty of local rock hunting pages all around New Zealand, where people share pictures of their painted rocks and give clues as to where they have hidden them. People usually write the # of their local page on their rocks or create their own personal hashtag so that when others find their creations and post their findings on Facebook or Instagram they are able to track where their rocks have been found and rehidden! It's really good family fun! Summer is the perfect time to get into rock painting and rock hunting! 

Our hashtag is #kidsunlimited and our local page is #HBCRocks so keep an eye out for our rocks online and feel free to tag us if you see any pop up around the place! 

We will try and do another blog specifically about rock painting soon so that we can share more ideas and links for you! So watch this space! 

Life of Colour  paint pens are great for all sorts of crafts as they can be used on most surfaces so their uses are endless! They are also a super easy and mess free way to enjoy crafts with your kids of all ages - if they can hold a pen they can use paint pens! Even my 2 year old loves painting rocks and shells with our stash of paint pens! 


How about letting your kids decorate their own t-shirt or design their own pair of sneakers? Or what about a tote bag for carrying their library books in? Grab some Life of Colour Fabric Paint Pens and get creative! You can get cheap white or other plain coloured t-shirts and sneakers at shops like Kmart, Postie and The Warehouse and Warehouse Stationary also sells plain tote bags that are perfect. The other option is to head to the op shops and find something to decorate - maybe a cushion or a hat! 


If your kids are a bit younger and you tend to avoid doing art and crafts because of the mess, then you're not alone! But we have the perfect solution for mess free creativity for little artists! We have a range of paint sticks that are easy new concept for little artists! You use them much like twisting a glue stick. You can twist the base of a paint stick and the solid paint will come out of the top and then you 'draw' with them like using a crayon. We have Life of Colour Paint Stix as well as a range of Little Brian sticks that include paint, face paint and fabric paint options. So there is no excuse now for not getting creative with your little ones! 



We also have a really fun range of art and craft kits and colouring books / sets suitable for all ages so we really encourage you to have a good browse on the website to see all the amazing options! Here are just a few of our favourites! 

Tiger Tribe Colouring Sets


Origami & Paper Crafts



Colouring Books 


We hope this has given you loads of awesome ideas for getting creative with your kids!  

Browse our website now and HAPPY SHOPPING !!!