Brain Tricks

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Format 24cm x 25cm
32 pages softcover 

Train your brain to face your pain.
A light and quirky book about a not-so-light subject: emotional pain and
what we can do with it. It encourages children to learn about and manage pain differently when they understand how incredible their brains are at adapting to new experiences.

 Throughout our lives, our brain adapts to the new experiences we have and the changes we go through. This is know as brain plasticity or neuroplasticity. We learn new things, have new experineces, and develop in our abilities. Each times this happens, neurons form new connections. During our childhood these connections happen at a staggering rate.

Written by New Zealand author Rose Stanley and illustrated by Lisa Allen, Brain Tricks is a book which aids children's understanding of emotional pain, what it is and how it differs from physical pain. We can learn to look at and manage pain differently when we utilise the transformational power of our brains. Brain Tricks explains the phenomenon of neuroplasticity in a way that children can grasp and invites them to unlock the power they have within themselves to change the way they think about and react to different experiences. It also explains the difference between physical and emotional pain, with specific focus on the emotional aspect and what we can do to change our thinking around it. 

Suitable for children of all ages.