Magic Mistakes


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Format 22cm x 22cm 
16 page Hardcover

Written by Belinda Blecher and beautifully illustrated by Lisa Allen.

Mistakes are where the magic happens...

Meet Frankie Lane. She is the perfect child, as long as she sticks with what she knows. But as we join Frankie on her adventure into the unknown, we learn about the wonder and beauty of Magic Mistakes. 

We encounter an 'Oopsy Loh', the Patron Saint of Mistakes, and see how Frankie's fantastically spontaneous alter ego, Tallulah Flare, embraces trial and error.  We travel with Frankie​ to the brink of her fears and learn how to face and embrace the growth opportunities they bring.

This book offers readers the language to face and embrace everyday, ordinary anxieties. It is a tool for parents, caregivers and teachers who are often overwhelmed by how to encourage anxious children to be more resilient when faced with life’s challenges. This book is engaging, with a sympathetic protagonist who is easy to relate to.  

Belinda's clinical experience, together with a compelling narrative, and hilarious & colourful illustrations ​make this book both psychologically valuable and entertaining.

"Magic Mistakes sows seeds of resilience inot little people, providing an optimal foundation for them to blossom into psychologically flexible young adults. This wonderful book teaches children (and their parents) that failure is not to be feared, as it is where great learning happens." ~ Dr. Sue Morris, Author of The Rubber Brain

"This is a glorious book. It shows how our fear of mistakes can narrow what we try and learn. But, with the magic of companionship, our fearscan be confronted, as you are not alone in your worries."  ~ Dr. Robyn Dolby,  Psychologist, Secure Beginnings.

"I hope all learnign educators will read Magic Mistakes and appreciate Frankie's difficulty with stepping outside her comfort zone and taking risks. These are the 'ordinary difficulties' that al of us, children and adults alike, may face each day." ~ Prof. Linda Harrison, Early Childhood, Macquarie University.