The Brain Train

Dr. Sarah Bell-Booth

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The Brain Train  

Format 18 x 24cm, 32 page soft cover
By New Zealand Author Dr Sarah Bell-Booth and New Zealand Illustrator Jay Allen.

The Brain Train is all about thinking habits that drive emotions. Each thought is like a train passing by. Green thought trains are helpful and red thought trains are unhelpful.

In this book, you will learn the ten different types of red trains such as the 'Self-Bully Train', 'Mind-Reading Train', 'Perfect Train', and 'Fortune Teller Train'. You can either let these red trains carry you away to an unhappy place or you can push the STOP button and instead catch a green train that’s going to a calmer, happier place. Learning about these thinking habits can help kids and families foster positive emotions and build confidence.

This beautifully illustrated book enables a dialogue and way of discussing unhelpful thoughts with young people in age-appropriate language. There is also a series of interactive 'Train Games' at the end for extra skills practice. 

The Brain Train can be used as an educational tool for parents, teachers and mental health professionals. Most suitable for primary school, intermediate school aged children and older.